LED Lighting for Healthcare Facilities

Benefits of LED-Lighting:

  • Energy Efficient; Saves 50% - 75% of current lighting use
  • Eliminates maintenance costs
  • Eligible for rebates and  tax incentives
  • Environmentally friendly with a smaller Carbon Footprint than traditional lighting
  • Improved Illumination
  • Warm, Cool & Color Options
  •  5-20 Year Warranties.

 Commercial LED-Lighting Efficiency

Because of technological improvements in LED-Lighting and a high average (3.5 years) return on investment many businesses are opting for LED-lighting retrofits which have resulted in 50%-75% on lighting cost and usage.  Additionally, commercial LED-Lighting can improve visibility, atmosphere and mood in the classroom, office, warehouse & hospital room alike.

  • Above all we'll help you save lighting costs and increase your bottom line by using state of the art energy efficient commercial LED-lighting solutions.
  • First, we'll visit your facility and determine what the best LED-lighting solutions will be for your facilities based on your financial, environmental and design goals.
  • Second, our Lighting Architect will design an LED-Lighting layout with equal or better illumination.  We'll provide you with Photometric Drawings to illustrate.
  • Third, we'll provide you a detailed Return on Investment Analysis (ROI) .
  • Additionally we'll process available grants, rebates, and incentives.  We'll handle the paperwork and application processes and the checks will be mailed straight to you.
  • Help with financing options
  • Installation with experienced and fully certified electricians.
  • Finally, all of our lights carry a Full 5 Year Warranty on parts and labor.