Energy and Cost Saving Services

shop electricity ratesElectricity  & Natural Gas Procurement

The deregulated energy environment (see map of deregulated states) presents opportunities to save money on your electric supply costs.  Shop commercial electricity rates with dozens of electric suppliers and get the lowest rates.  Your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity and maintain the poles and wires but the electricity that runs through those wires is now open to competition, saving you money.

Switching Suppliers is Free & Easy

There is no cost to switch electric or gas suppliers and most suppliers can include their charges on your current electric bill from your utility.  

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Utility Bill Auditing, Management & Reporting

 Full Service Management of all of your utility bills.  Commodities include: Cable, Coal, Electric, Gas, Ice, Internet, Oil, Propane, Recycle, Refuse, Sewer, Solar PV, Steam, Storm Drainage, Telecom, Water & Wind.

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for a full list of State and Federal EnergySTAR Portfolio Manager Benchmarking Mandates

solar panelsSolar & Renewable Energy

Solar energy is more efficient and affordable than ever.  Our Engineers & Project Team will:

  • Determine the right size and type of system for your facility and goals
  • Assist with financing and/or grants and incentives
  • Obtain necessary local permits so you don't have to deal with the paperwork
  • Work with your local Electric Utility Company to arrange Net Metering where possible so you can sell back to the utility the electricity you generate and don't use.
  • Install and maintain system for life of equipment so you don't have to worry about it.

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