Energy Suppliers

We partner with nearly 100 trusted gas & electric suppliers, including those shown below, to ensure you're getting the lowest rate possible for your gas and/or electric supply.

shopping commercial electric ratesNo Cost to Switch Suppliers

  • No cost to switch electric or gas suppliers.  
  • No disruption of service when you switch.  
  • No extra bill.  Supply charges will be included on your utility bill. 

The Process

  1. Establish Goals.  We'll work with you to determine your budgetary and environmental goals.
  2. Get Rates.  We'll get rates from our dozens of Gas & Electric Suppliers to get you the lowest rate.  We'll explain exactly what you'll be paying for each month.  We'll explain exactly what components are included with the energy in each rate quote.   Additional charges like Installed Capacity, Transmission & Distribution Line Losses, Renewable Portfolio Requirements, Gross Receipts Tax, etc. can add a lot to an energy-only rate.
  3. Enroll.  Once you enroll with a new supplier, your new rate and supply will begin on the "meter read date" in the month you've chosen to start service. There will be no disruption of service and your local utility company will continue to deliver you gas and/or electric and maintain the equipment.